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Le Papillon; Evolution through change and transformation:
Our world is in perpetual transformation; as change defines life itself. Part of what makes NOW beautiful
is that it is fleeting, nothing is permanent. I like to think that transition is preparing us for the better,
preparing us for expansion, something unimaginably bigger. My father says that stagnant water eventually
rots, which is not only scientifically proven, but a metaphor to the essential flow of existence. That phrase
has forever stuck with me.
This collection took quite some time to emerge; its development was slow, as change was working itself
into the nooks and crannies of my own life. Over the course of two years, a global pandemic, a difficult
breakup, close friendships coming to an end, moving back to my hometown, and most importantly, my
father falling ill were some tough blows. During these difficult times, I slowly but surely began to channel
my energy into the creation process of this collection. As it began to unfold, it reflected the work and
growth of my own life and gradual healing. “My Collection” flowed and changed alongside me, it never left
my side until I felt that it was time to set it afloat. The launch of these pieces reflects a continual healing
process, each fabric, form, and silhouette moving together; shifting from silk, to linen, and then to wool.
This collection feels closer to me than ever before, as it embodies my creative process of these personal
designs and emotive color palettes. The debut of pink in my designs was something entirely new and
foreign to me; in the past I had grown used to using opaque, more sober colors. I was quite the tomboy, I
unconsciously felt that being more masculine would give me a leg-up in my personal and professional life.
Feminine energy was something I unknowingly rejected and moved away from...pink for example, I
turned my nose up at, classifying it as unrefined and girly. Now, I have learned to embrace all parts of
myself, including my feminine energy, and with that emerged the color pink, which I now believe to be a
flattering, skin-popping, romantic color. I was adventurous with pulling earthy greens, sky blues, delicate
cremes, and stark blacks. Reflecting a bit on design, I wanted to achieve a balance of masculine and
feminine energies through fabric, color and form. Something shifted, as I created empowering suit sets,
elegant, sensual dresses, and oversized, flowing pieces created around comfort and quality. The
collection embodies every mood a woman can have as she gets dressed, from wanting something that
hugs her silhouette, to craving a look that she can throw on and look sophisticated. I believe that it is
essential to dress with ease, looking effortlessly elegant and poised has always been key to my personal
style. On another note, the evolution of my menswear pleasantly surprised me, as I had clients yearning
for silk silhouettes rather than the norm of wool and linen. I enjoyed men becoming more daring when
choosing my designs and fabrics, overall, I enjoyed it all, the entire winding, curving and enlightening
journey to creating a full bodied collection.
My designs have taken form, fallen apart and arose again. I have carefully listened to my clients, friends,
and family...carefully weaving their wishes into the designs. Furthermore, I have come up with necessary,
more sustainable solutions for the development of this collection and others to come. I have learned a
great deal about myself, and I haven’t stopped tweaking until now, even as it is in full launch, I am open to
change. And that is what I honor and have learned to trust most of all.
As I introduce each and every one of these pieces, I want to conclude this message with a final thought.
Whatever life brings, its changes and shifts have come along in order to propel us to evolve into
something wholehearted and more beautiful, we must trust each unique process. Sometimes, it may not
make sense in the moment, but we must become receptive and open ourselves up to see clearly. Only
then can we manifest our most profound desires and embody our truest, authentic selves.

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