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Denisse Kuri is a Mexican fashion brand that was born in 2010, which creates pieces
of exclusive art through the fusion of indigenous textile tradition and organic design.
Our main objective is to preserve the tradition of indigenous textiles, the appreciation of indigenous women, and that through their work they can achieve their emotional - economic independence.
We integrate forgotten communities, we try to give value to artisan women,
Let the importance of their work for our culture be known.
Each of our designs has been the result of effort, dedication and
inspiration from the hands that embroider Art in Mexico.

We currently work with artisans from different regions in Puebla, Chiapas,
Veracruz, Guerrero, Oaxaca and Tlaxcala. We experiment with their weaving and embroidery techniques to create valuable clothing for today's market.

Ninety percent of our fabrics are made by hand, on backstrap looms and pedal looms. We work with more than 15 different weaving and embroidery techniques, almost 40 families with whom we collaborate.
The trend today is a consumer looking for socially conscious brands, that's why
that we seek to make a positive impact in the world where all our processes
They are responsible with the environment and, above all, decent conditions for all of us who work at the brand.
We provide unique pieces, with handmade fabrics, full of cultural history, clothing that

Our objective is to ensure that more people recognize this work as art and that at the same time
use something from the brand you feel the privilege of doing so because apart from the work that
require, the creative process, the materials, and other characteristics by which
value textiles, the greatest value they have is what they are capable of expressing, the
feelings and emotions that they produce in the person who observes them.
We have managed to position ourselves in the best parts of the country, places like San José del Cabo, San Miguel de Allende, Tulum, Punta Mita and hotels like the Ritz Carlton in Los
Cabos and Chable. We are entering the international market, through
different online stores.

In 2019 we won Vogue's Who's on Next award, the highest recognition for design


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