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CATALINA CAVAZOS is a luxury brand, accessible and designed for versatile women for any contemporary lifestyle. The CC woman has a combination of feminine, sensual, delicate and romantic beauty that is in turn fused with the touch of the strong, powerful and independent woman. It is a modern brand that mixes elements of classic feminine aesthetics with minimalism. It is inspired by a fusion of art, fashion and modernist aesthetics. The brand strives to offer a variety of harmonious items with exceptional quality, with the intention of creating timeless collections that are always current, feminine and relevant.

Catalina Cavazos studied Textile and Fashion Design at the University of Monterrey. During that period he took several courses at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles; at Parsons and the Manhattan Institute of Management in New York; and at the Professional Institute of Image Design in Mexico City. Her professional internships were carried out in the offices, workshops and boutiques of Jill Stuart in New York.

"As a woman I have come to value the freedom of getting what I want and being able to have the personal satisfaction of being able to do what I like most, which is fashion. My inspiration is women who are passionate about life, with a lot of inner strength and with a very motivating story in the background, that they are not afraid to get what they want and go after it without ever losing the romanticism. I want the CC woman to feel sensual and powerful with what she is wearing and that it is a tribute to all the beauty that each one carries inside".


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