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My name is Daniela Millán and I am a jewelry designer born in Venezuela. I started exploring entrepreneurship unconsciously since I got out of university. At that time I was not clear about my professional path, but I have always been the type of person who enjoys the creative process of conceptualizing an idea. For a long time I thought I could never make a living from my creativity, so I worked in the financial industry for several years trying to make a career that didn't make me feel successful or happy. Leaving my home country was the perfect excuse to start over.

I believe that being an immigrant is much more than having access to good jobs or more opportunities, sometimes it is about finding yourself. My journey has taken me to live in various places in Mexico and the United States, and it is in this region that I have managed to establish and expand my brand. Living in these countries and experiencing different cultures has given me the opportunity not only to find new outlets or new clients, but to recruit the perfect talent that would help me realize my vision: A fashion company with a social impact for women.

We are proud to work with a small group of artisans in Mexico City and Guadalajara for more than 10 years. We are a women-driven company that wants to be recognized not only for the beauty, originality, and quality of our products, but also for our values. A growing jewelry brand, with the strong belief that only by empowering women can we achieve important changes in our society and that is our legacy. Our proposal is based on contemporary jewelry focused on handmade elements using traditional techniques. We believe in the perfect fusion between design and craftsmanship, because design brings us closer to perfection and craftsmanship brings us closer to the heart. I feel that my brand has managed to trust the authenticity of the Mexican tradition to create a product that satisfies the demands and aspirations of an international clientele.


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