Cynthia Buttenklepper
  • Cynthia Buttenklepper

Cynthia Buttenkleper experiments with the essence of materials alongside the imaginary, encountering a place in which silhouettes dialogue with the human figure. Built upon movement, the garments wrap the body in textures and colors, highlighting the beauty in the uncommon and illuminating an ambiguous femininity. Cynthia Buttenkleper’s garments romance space and silence, giving each element its own place and indulging in the power of balance to forge an emotional connection between the garment and the body. The brand plays with clothing as a sensitive and sensorial language, subject to the interpretation of the wearer, and a means to discover the past in order to both understand the present and create the future. The garments continuously evolve, transcending time and existing with no expiration to propose a narrative beyond the common and invoke a unique and inherent origin,

Cynthia Buttenklepper creates small collections of limited pieces, sourcing deadstock fabrics from around the world while implementing traditional methods, in homage to the preservation of antique silhouettes. The collections are composed of various pieces that are both complementary and versatile, working together harmoniously over time, all produced in small studios in Mexico. Cynthia Buttenklepper is actively dedicated to conscious consumption, an ethos at the core of the brand, alongside a strong commitment to developing the Mexican fashion industry, sharing Mexican design through new eyes.


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