Iván Ávalos
  • Iván Ávalos

Ivan Avalos, Designer from Hidalgo for whom fashion has been his motivation and his form of expression since childhood. Iván Avalos began in 2013 as one of the 13 finalists of the México Diseña platform, which was a positive impact for the beginning of his career. Without having studied a career in fashion design, she never gave up and since then her brand continues to grow and promise more and more throughout Mexico. Ivan Avalos, a brand created to empower people. A brand without gender, without skin color, without sizes, without age, a brand for EVERYONE! A brand for everyone. It is distinguished by a camp and glamorous aesthetic where each person can feel and tell their own story and identity when using it. Each collection is inspired by something special; some story, someone from the family. Nothing is there just because yes, every detail is thought out and taken care of to tell that story, to say who we are and who they represent. Beginning in 2016 with the first collection for NOOK HIDALGO, using a snake skeleton as a seal. Characterizing the brand with XL silhouettes, a lot of tulle, a CAMP aesthetic and corsets.


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