Jeanette Toscano
  • Jeanette Toscano

Mexican fashion designer Jeanette Toscano was born on January 28, 1973 in
Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán. From a very young age, Toscano inherited from her mother the passionate taste for fashion and the “eye” for design.
Determined to become a designer, she moved to the city of Monterrey to carry out the
Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design and Marketing at the Center for Higher Design Studies of Monterrey (CEDIM). Place where she begins her path as a fashion designer giving personality to a very feminine, romantic and fresh style in each proposal that she offers us in each of her presentations, collecting a touch of history in each garment in which artisanal details placed in strategic way.

In 2017, Jeanette Toscano registered her eponymous brand, the same year where she presented her first collection for Fashion Week in the state of Texas, USA.
Toscano considers that her style is characterized by being very feminine, organic, with
movement and management of color in their garments. His inspiration: Mexico, its history and glorious pieces of yesteryear. Winking at iconic ancestral garments, making their aesthetics contemporary in a glamorous speech to the eye.
In her pieces she captures her personal stories and emotions with a very natural language where classic shapes and cuts become sophisticated ready-to-wear garments.

Currently Jeanette Toscano continues to share the magic of Mexican design to
through their clothes.

“We are that mixture of emotions transmitted through history, we are the living heritage of our ancestors.”

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