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Abbreviation for “howl”... Because we enjoy shouting out who we are, what we want to be and transform ourselves every day. HUA is more than a Mexican brand, we have created a community. We design clothing and accessories focused on highlighting the beauty and natural sensuality of women, through comfortable and elegant options for everyday life and special occasions.

We firmly believe that any woman can function in all environments that are presented to her, in a relaxed but imposing way, always being her, we love creating pieces that regardless of any stereotype or ideology encourages them to achieve it, giving them self-confidence. For us (Siouzana and Patricia) dressing well has an important place in daily life, however, not more important than what we are inside, and HUA, in a simple and effortless way, helps you to highlight and aesthetically enhance that. that you already are HUA collaborates with various social projects, in which the main objective is to support women and their environment, providing different tools to strengthen their self-esteem, economy and quality of life.

We trust that our grain of sand is as important as yours. Active contributions: • La Cana Foundation • Cats with a Heart • Friendship House SOCIAL COMMITMENT ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT We are a brand aware of our environment and the problems that surround it, which is why we have integrated into our way of working different strategies that help to the environment, beginning with small changes such as the delivery of our products in multifunctional packages.

HUA RETAZOS PROJECT- Avoid excessive pollution through the use and recycling of "textile waste" turning them into garments full of style.

UPCYCLING- It is the most recent integration to the services that we offer to our clients, putting in their hands the option of giving a twist to their HUA pieces, personalizing them with embroidery or transforming them into different pieces that extend their life time.

SUSTAINABLE TEXTILES- As part of our growth, we began to integrate into our manufacturing textiles that are created with fibers from recycling.


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