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To better understand the history and birth of P'OOK, it is very important that you know the meaning of ARLOP. Arlop Hats was founded more than 40 years ago in the city of San Francisco Del Rincón, Guanajuato. A small city in central Mexico better known as "San Pancho" or the hat capital of the world. ARLOP was established in 1980 specializing in mass hat production for large hat companies and distributors in the United States. For more than 40 years we specialized in manufacturing and developing hats for other brands on a large scale. Being part of the third generation, I grew up with new ideas and wanted to do things in a different way by creating my own brand, so on 01 March 2019 P'OOK by Arlop started.

P'OOK from the Mayan language means hat. P'OOK is a representation of the tradition, commitment and greatness of the Mayan culture through collaboration with Latin artisans descended from it. Artisans who have mastered and learned the art of hand knitting hats for generations. Inspired by the stories and cultural heritage of each of them, added to my desire to preserve and spread their art of hand weaving to every corner of the world. I decided to create a brand that transmits the process, love and dedication that lives in each of its hats. P'OOK is all about creating objects that make you feel something through the sight, touch and use of our pieces, objects that have a story to tell. Eduardo Arroyo, creator of P'OOK Hats.


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