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Mariangeles Reygadas

Fashion editor, for nine years, of ELLE and L'Officiel magazines. Her expertise in style, trends and creative advice has led her to be part of the most important fashion shows in the industry. She has worked with hundreds of top models, represented the best designers in Mexico and Latin America, and carried out campaigns for luxury brands internationally.

Rey is the result of the unbridled passion of its creator, Mariangeles Reygadas, for leather boots. When she realized that it was the only shoe he used, she adventured to create his own brand, merging his more than 15 years of experience in the world of fashion and luxury with the only creators of the cowboy boot worldwide, the Leon Guanajuato Producers. The idea has always been to preserve the craftsmanship and impeccable workmanship, with the best materials and a current and timeless aesthetic that asks nothing of creations from other countries. Today we are proud to have achieved our only two models perfectly: our cowboy boots and charro ankle boots.

Fun fact: The only shoe that cannot be replicated in any other country and has no international competition is the cowboy boot. Only in Mexico.


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